The Witcher: Season 1 Review

Geralt of Rivia, Netflix

What I Enjoyed About The Show

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia is one of the highlights of the show. He does a great job of portraying an aging monster hunter for hire who kills all manner of beasts with his sword and mutant abilities. Geralt as a character does not say much and is often wary of the squabbles he finds himself in-between monarchs, sorcerers and common folk.

The Not So Great Aspects of The Show

To add on to the confusing timeline jumps, the first few episodes are rough. The battle in the first episode was disappointing. It was just two sides crashing into each other and duking it out. The camera would just cut to a guy getting stabbed and then another falling off a horse. The standard big battle sequence. It seemed to serve more as exposition than an entertaining battle. (can we talk about that Nilfgaardian armor because…man its hard to not pay attention to it.)

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this first season. I think it was a good attempt at getting the viewer involved by just plunging them in the deep end, no swim lessons or floating device. The source material that the show draws from is a collection of short stories and that makes the serialized but disjointedness of it make more sense. It was bold of the team working on the show to have three storylines all with different times and places coming together in the end. It worked out far better then critics are giving it credit for. The first season leaves you with many unanswered questions and a world still unexplored. In that sense, the show still has some work to do. It also feels like the first season was a taster for all that is to come. The great acting, the splendid sword fights and the gritty feel of it just makes me optimistic that the show has massive potential.



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