The Joe Budden Podcast : The True Value of Authenticity


Leaving Everyday Struggle

In Episode 141 titled “Everyday Struggle,” Budden delves deep into the reason for his departure from Complex and starts hilariously with a story about not being allowed to smoke in the bathroom at Complex. Joe continues by expressing how he was deeply concerned with the way Complex was allowing other corporations to insert their influence on the show, “Spotify calls them. They want us to talk about a Rap Caviar playlist, they want to insert topics for me to speak about under the guise of it being “candid” for very little money. As the creator of this show, that’s a problem.” Joe ultimately refused but Complex still tried to push the deal through without him. It failed. They also pushed for more guests on the show which Joe was also opposed to.

The Joe Budden Podcast

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the first episode that I listened to but I still remember how I felt, UTTERLY CONFUSED. It was chaotic, with random gunshots, horns, beat drops, and soundbites. Joe would be ranting one moment, laughing in his characteristic wispy laugh the next, and staunchly arguing over semantics a few seconds later. But Joe could also be passionate, self-aware, and open to sharing his experiences whether they were hysterical or painful. The result is a unique blend of so many things that shouldn't work but manage to do just that.

The JBP Experience

One of my favorite segments on the podcast is in Episode 204: “Bust A Right.” The episode starts with some context, the beef that had once again resurfaced between Kanye and Drake. Most notable of course, was the long series of tweets by Kanye wherein he demanded an apology from Drake for mentioning 305s on various records, sneak dissing him(that's where Sicko Mode comes into play) and other slights he felt towards Drake. It gets weirder, some would say comical when Kanye alleged that Drake tried to threaten him. The discussion is at first serious and Joe reads off the tweets and gives his thoughts while Mal, Rory, and Parks added their bits of commentary. But about 30 minutes in, Joe says, “What if Drake killed Kanye?” and I remember at that moment that I exploded with laughter. That statement opened up the flood gates. The crew then started adding “commentary” to Sicko Mode in light of the beef.



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